A little goes a long way.

By doing just two short training sessions a week, you can improve the overall performance of your brain.

Your brain at its Most Unexceptional.

Narbis teaches your brain to stay in a state of peak mental performance.

Built on NASA research.


Narbis uses programs developed by NASA to train pilots.

Its scientifically proven technology works here on earth too!


Who couldn’t use a tune up?

Narbis is for anyone who wants to improve their ability to achieve their goals.

Athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, busy parents–anyone can benefit from a better functioning brain.


Here’s how it works:

When your attention drifts the glasses darken, and when you focus, they clear.


Narbis uses sensors to track your brain activity. These signals are sent to the lenses of the Narbis glasses. When your brain’s performance slips the lenses darken, and when your brain’s performance improves, they clear.

By practicing keeping the lenses clear, you can learn how to keep your brain functioning at it’s Most Unexceptional for longer and longer, and even how to shift into a state of peak performance at will.

By doing just two short training sessions a week, you can improve your brain’s overall performance.

And once you learn you don’t forget. You can continue to improve your skills, but you never lose them.

How to get started


Wirelessly connect the headset to the Narbis App on your phone, tablet or computer.



Select Training Program

Choose from a variety of training programs designed to target specific areas of your brain.

Start Training

Train your brain by practicing keeping the lenses clear. You can complete a training session while doing almost any stationary activity–like reading a book or watching a movie.


See your progress.

Track your performance over time.

Narbis Features


  • Electrochromic glasses with bendable side arms and head sensor
  • Comfortable gold tipped dry sensors
  • Bluetooth amplifier with armband
  • Multiple user capability with individual results separately recorded and stored
  • Software uses an adaptive threshold maintaining the level of difficulty as your skills improve

The science behind Narbis


Narbis is a technology that uses Neurofeedback, which is a kind of exercise for your brain. 

Neurofeedback is a training process that provides the user with positive feedback, or rewards, when the brain patterns match desired states of awareness and negative feedback, or penalties, when the patterns match undesired states.

Studies have shown that Neurofeedback increases neuroplasticity (which is associated with the brain’s capacity to adapt and learn) improving the brain’s ability to form­ new con­nec­tions between brain cells, or neurons. 

Completing regular Neurofeedback training sessions has been shown to improve performance in everyday-life, positively impacting learning, behavior, memory, and sustained attention.  

Learn to achieve your desired state of mind.


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What People are Saying


Our Company

Narbis is an offshoot of SmartBrain Technologies–a family owned company that has been working for decades to develop products that help people learn to stay focused. They have had huge success helping children with ADHD improve their performance at school and at home. Now they have developed Narbis–an easy to use training device designed to help people improve their productivity in the increasingly distracting environment our modern world.

Our Vision

Our goal is to improve people’s lives by helping them get the most out of their brains.


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