Product Architect

Devon Greco, Devon is a technology developer and has executed many patents related to human computer interface and neurotechnology and specializing in human enhancement technologies. Experienced in the product development lifecycle from prototype to production, Devon has collaborated with specialists from NASA, University of Pennsylvania, and National University of Singapore. With a business marketing and engineering background, Devon understands the needs of the consumer and how to deliver.



Mike Head, has had leadership roles in Consumer Healthcare over 29 years with Johnson & Johnson before joining Narbis at its inception. He has had experience with and has been an advocate of Neurofeedback for over 14 years, which he first discovered when his family used Neurofeedback.



Viktor Kapiliovich, Viktor is a Mechanical Engineer with many years of hands-on experience in mechanical design and manufacturing. Originally from Moscow, Russia, Viktor has been providing his services here in the United States for several decades specializing in mechanical design, 3D CAD modeling, drawings, patent illustrations, mechanisms and machinery, mechanical components and assemblies.



Alireza Moghaddam, Alireza is an Electronics Engineer with over two decades of experience in R&D and manufacturing. Originally from Iran, he settled in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2011. He has been responsible for Narbis hardware and sensor circuit design as well as software development since early 2013. His experience includes analog and digital circuit design, Digital Signal Processing, embedded systems, and software development on various platforms.

Inspiration and Vision




Domenic Greco, Ph.D, Domenic held his doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has specialized in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback since 1982. He successfully developed and operated Stress Management and ADHD Treatment Centers on both coasts, Throughout Dr. Greco’s professional career he sought out and provided the most effective and innovative clinical treatment options available using Neurofeedback. In 2000 he partnered with NASA to commercially exploit their work to improve attention and performance in pilots using EEG Neurofeedback technology. The first clinical Technology was available in 2003. Practitioners around the U.S. began serving their clients with this, engaging, and effective technology. By 2005, the first ‘home-based’ systems were introduced to families. Sadly Dr. Greco was diagnosed with ALS in 2009. Alongside his youngest son, Devon, he continued to work throughout his illness on innovation in the area of easy to use Neurofeedback systems for individuals. Narbis was conceived by Devon before Domenic’s premature death in 2013. He continues to be an inspiration to the work and innovation behind Narbis.