Here’s how Narbis works

When your attention drifts the glasses darken, and when you focus, they clear.

Narbis uses sensors to track your brain activity. These signals are sent to the lenses of the Narbis glasses. When your brain’s performance slips the lenses darken, and when your brain’s performance improves, they clear.

By practicing keeping the lenses clear, through doing homework or other tasks that need your attention, you can learn how to focus and hold attention for longer amounts of time.

By doing just two to three 30 minute training sessions a week, you can improve your ability to focus and get tasks done more quickly.

And once you learn you don’t forget. You can continue to improve your skills, but you never lose them.

Science behind Narbis

Narbis is a technology that uses Neurofeedback, which is a kind of exercise for your brain.

Neurofeedback is a training process that provides the user with positive feedback, or rewards, when the brain patterns match desired states of awareness and negative feedback, or penalties, when the patterns match undesired states.

Studies have shown that Neurofeedback increases neuroplasticity (which is associated with the brain’s capacity to adapt and learn) improving the brain’s ability to form­ new con­nec­tions between brain cells, or neurons.

Completing regular Neurofeedback training sessions has been shown to improve performance in everyday-life, positively impacting learning, behavior, memory, and sustained attention.

Narbis helps strengthen Beta and SMR brainwave patterns