Two years ago, Cal Newport wrote an op-ed in The New York Times about how social media is not as vital to our lives as we think it is. He soon found out that the public did not entirely agree as The New York Times commissioned a response to his op-ed to argue against his take.

About a year later, the computer science professor noticed that more and more people were changing their minds about social media. They were becoming more receptive to the idea that our digital relationship could be unhealthy.

Cal Newport is a computer science professor who writes about how we interact with technology, and the effects it may cause. He’s developed his own ideas that discuss how valuable the ability to concentrate without distraction is, and how rare it is becoming.

To read more about his take on attention in an age of digital distraction from an article published on The Epoch Times, click here!

Professor Newport has also written books on distraction in the digital age, and runs a blog about it as well,